I was born to watch period drama:
New Worlds (2014)

The only one who’s shown any interest in me is a rabid coyote.

 / I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am.

season two + music


The Most Quotable Movies Of All Time

The Princess Bride (1987) dir. Rob Reiner

c l a r a ,   t e l l   m e .  a m  i  a  g o o d   m a n ?

           i  -  d o n ’ t   k n o w .

You’ve made your peace with Lady Margaret.

positive lady characters meme | one tree hill + mothers and daughters
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American Horror Story: Freakshow | Fallen Angel x


make me choose : house or wilson (asked by waitingfor-bluebox)

Fangirl Challenge: [4/20] Families » Oliver Queen and Thea Queen
"I know I haven’t always been the best brother, or friend, or whatever you’ve needed me to be. But there has not been a day since you were born where I didn’t cherish having you as a sister.”   

#okay but how did sherlock not see that omg


dean meme: four reoccuring themes [1/4] » dean + eating his words